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MoonRock Puffs is a manufacturer of high quality cannabis and concentrates in the US. We offer some of the best products in the US market, we feature Vapes and buds. We are always creating new products so please subscribe to our mailing list or routinely visit our site for updates. Our goal is simple and straightforward; we aim to provide our clients with high quality, safe and consistent products.
Please visit the dispensaries on our site to get try our amazing products, are are sure you will enjoy the experience every time.


Good Quality:

Because there are many strains of marijuana, the levels of THC do vary.  So the first thing you should consider is quality. Since you are paying a premium for your concentrates you want them to be safe and work great.  At MoonRock Puffs, we strive to have the best quality concentrates which are all tested for safety and potency.

Dossage Check:

Make sure you know what you are putting into your body, that will determine the difference between a good and bad experience.  It is always important to look at the amount of Milligrams per dose on the packaging and make sure it is not to strong. At MoonRock Puffs, we make sure all of our products are dosed properly and you know what you are getting every time you use one of our products.


For many users they may just be starting to use cannabis products.  It is important to start small when using edibles, and build up to a dosage that will work for you.  We recommend not using more than a 5mg dosage the first time someone is using and to be patient because sometimes it takes a while to kick in.  At MoonRock Puffs, we make several products that vary in dosage so that every level of user can have the optimal experience.